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We’re different, and we know it. Black Label Capital is a true hybrid lender. In 2018, BLC was formed so we could lend our own funds on the side while we were doing fix and flips. It was not a business for us. We quickly realized our passion for lending and turned it into what it is today. To this day, we still lend our own personal capital alongside our investors. This is a rare thing for most “hard money lenders”. Since we personally have something to lose in every deal, this ensures that we are not just funding loans to fund loans. We fund real opportunities and deals we believe in. Would you put your money into a deal if you didn’t believe in it?

We are investors at our core. With a background in fix and flips, we understand your needs. We’ve crafted our credit boxes to provide you with every loan product you could need, from renovation loans, to new construction and 30 year rentals to help you build your portfolio as you navigate the BRRRR process. There’s literally no other reason to shop the competition. We are the only lender to offer both down payment options and 100% financing for renovation and new construction loans. Whether you want to keep cash in your pocket or throw some money into the deal, we’ve got you covered. You tell us your needs, and we’ll provide a custom option designed specifically for you.

A “true lending partner” is not just a catch phrase. It’s how we operate. Partner with us and let’s grow together.


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Black Label Capital strives to offer creative, collateral based private lending solutions. We are a Veteran owned lending partner based in Dallas, Texas, who has years of construction, fix and flip, lending and underwriting experience. We’ve been there, and we know what it’s like to need funding for a project. Every situation is different, and we understand that. Our objective at Black Label Capital is to provide you with flexible financing options so you are able to achieve your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A private lender is an individual who lends out their own capital. Typically, this is not their day job and they lend their own funds as opportunities present themselves. A hard money lender is one who operates a business lending to clients on a daily basis and actively markets and expands their business. Hard money lenders typically raise capital by bringing in investors so they can fund loans in volume, or by leveraging institutional capital. Most true hard money lenders do not lend their own personal capital.
  • Rehab Loan (Down Payment Option)
  • New Construction Loan (Down Payment Option)
  • Rehab Loan (100% Financing)*
  • New Construction Loan (100% Financing)*
  • 30 Year Rental Loan
    • Purchase
    • Rate and Term Refinance
    • Cash Out Refinance
  • 3 Year Bridge Loan
  • Transactional Funding
No. We all have to start somewhere, right? That’s the beauty of private lending. If you can prove to us that you are strong in other areas (credit, liquidity, subject property), we can look past the lack of experience.
Yes. We are capable of funding all our products, except our 100% financing options, nationwide.
As a lender, this is always a tough question to answer and we believe most lenders mislead potential clients with their response. Instead of saying we can close in 48 hours, or in 7-10 days, we believe the proper answer is, “we can typically fund as soon as we have a valuation on the property, clear title work, and all of the required documents from the borrower”. If a lender is saying they can close in 48 hours, this might be true, but what they are not telling you is that they can close within 48 hours of receiving all of the items above.

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